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Baseball originally began in Toowoomba in 1952 with 3 teams playing at Queens Park on the Goodsall St side. Eventually baseball moved to the Frogs Hollow location still within the confines of Queens park.

In April 1955 the Toowoomba Baseball Association was established and a constitution formed. At this time it was propossed that each club pay.

After a decline in baseball numbers during the early sixties, baseball in Toowoomba experienced a resurgence when Alan heineman moved from Charlieville and together with Ian luchterhand reformed the competition and moved to Gold Park. They remaineded at Gold Park until Toowoomba Rugby Union was granted the park as their base, a move that forced Rangers to paly in Brisbane. A few years excessive costs forced Rangers to leave Brisbane with a debt of 900 pounds.

To re-establish baseball in Toowoomba two families, the Dukes and the Luchterhands combined and together they delivered pamphlets street by street within the community. Within six months they had cleared the outstanding debt and reformed the association with a new base at Freanu Park opposite the racecourse. During the 1970’s they again moved, this time to Rockville Park.

In the 1980’s baseball in Toowoomba saw another decline in player numbers due mostly to Brisbane employment prospects and also for a more competitive baseball competition. With no juniors at the time Toowoomba baseball again flounded.

While Rangers Baseball Club Inc was formed in the early 1950’s and played very sucessfully as a club until 1992, they only played in local league games where the skill and competition levels were limited. Ranger’s players always yearned for competition at the highest level possible, the Greater Brisbane Area Major League.

The decision to register Rangers as one of the elite Major League clubs came in 1992 when the then Chairman, Mr Ian Luchterhand, with the backing of various Club and family members, made the huge step to make this club Toowoomba’s only Major League Club.

Rangers Baseball Club Inc. joined the Major League in 1993 and performed admirably at that level of competition ever since.

In 1999 they moved to their current home at Commonwealth Oval.

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