Teaching basic motor skills while teaching teamwork, inclusion and fair play

Games are run by the GBL (in accordance with Baseball Queensland). Home games are played mostly at our club fields. Team Sizes are 9 on the field plus bench players up to 10 or 11 players in total. This is the first level of baseball where children are separated into two groups based on their skill level, Little League Bandits & Little League Rams.


This is also the first level where a semi-competitive environment is introduced with scores recorded and finals played however the emphasis is still on skill development and equal participation. Although players are rotated though a variety of positions throughout the season this age group sees children starting to focus on more specific roles within the team.

Little League Rams plays with the same modified ball as Little League Minors to improve confidence and reduce injuries. Whilst players still pitch to the opposition the rules are modified to assist game play continuity and player enjoyment, this is achieved with no “base on balls”. After four balls the batter hits the ball off the tee.

AGE (2020/2021 SEASON)

Baseball uses a “baseball age” matrix to determine which age group applies. Players who have a baseball age of  10, 11 or 12 will play Tee-ball (the matrix makes this easy to determine).


Mondays 5:15pm-6:15pm. Training will commence on 31 August 2020. New players are welcome to join after that date – teams are not finalised until closer to the start of the season in October.


Saturday mornings, usually at 8am, occasionally 10:15am for a 2 hour game.

In Little League, all pitching is by opposition players with most normal baseball rules applicable – except runners are not allowed to take a lead. In Little League Bandits games, normal baseballs are used for the first time.


The season usually consists of 9 to 10 Saturdays in School Term 4 with another 6 to 7 Saturdays in Term 1 after school returns from the Christmas break. There are no games or training during school holidays.


Junior Gameday shirt, club cap, grey baseball pants, baseball glove, protective cup, sneakers or moulded cleat shoes. 


Teeball and rookieball teams are selected as evenly as possible.

Little League to U20 are selected on players’ ability. This will remain the responsibility of the Junior Development Officer and coaching staff. Teams will consist of no more than 12 players.

If you have any questions about playing Junior baseball with the Toowoomba Rangers, please feel free to contact our Junior Vice President .